Dan works with you to identify needed resources and to conceive of win-win strategies to motivate and engage them.


Dan aims to help you maintain your pace.  He works with you to identify and achieve key milestones. 


Dan offers to provide a thorough review of your program and deliver a systematic critique. 



What We Do

Each academic center has its own strengths, cultural characteristics, infrastructure, and interests.  Dan's consultation is designed to help clients recognize and build upon their strengths, listen to each of their participating members effectively, identify opportunities, and assemble optimally functioning development teams. Pace, efficiency, optimization, and economy are all integrated into Dan's recommendations and critical comments.

Dan has years of experience in doing clinical and bench research, leading an academic division, teaching, grantsmanship, and working across disciplines to solve problems and foster continuous improvement. He has practiced medicine, hematology, and oncology and served at the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health.  He has been a leader in national professional organizations.  Recently, he was among the leaders of a national effort to support continuous improvement of clinical and translational science in academic medicine.

Dan Rosenblum BMC, LLC